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This page Gives you a tour of the store. Information on membership and very little on Credits. And I will also give you a "Gold Card of the Month" And "Store Costume of the month" ;) Decide if membership is worth it or if credits are you're hobbie and the in's and out's of the Poptropica Store.

The Poptropica Store.

Stats page. 

First of all,you need to know where the store is.

it's a little gold star next to the exploding "POP" symbol. otherwise as shown on picture:
Then there's you're stats page. It gives you the "what's new" bar You're island medallions,(the ones in color are  the one's you completed.) How much credits you have or you're membership status* (* will come back to.),you're battle ranking,recent activity you're done on poptropica,some island news and you're poptropican and poptropican name!

Shopping time!

Now click on store,next to the stats bar. You have alot to choose from. Costumes,and gold cards. Gold cards are very cool. They feature alot a things you can hold and things that follow you and much more. Costumes also haves things for your poptropican to wear and hold. some feature special actions if you press " SPACEBAR " ! But watch out! You may not have enough credits to purchase something! If you do press "Buy" and don't have enough credits a message pops up saying to either click: "Buy credits" or "no,thanks." To earn credits there are  choices. #1 is Finish islands! You earn 100 credits when you finish an island. #2 is Buy more credits! You can buy as much as 1000 credits for very little cost! #3 make a new poptropican! With that account you can redo islands to get want you want in the store. and last but not least, #4 is Membership.
Membership and Credits
Membership and it's features.

Effects on stats page.

It's the same thing on the stats page except,where it says how many credits you have,it says you're Membership status. as shown here:
It still shows how many credits you have,but it also say the status of you're current membership.

Shop 'til you drop!

One of the features with membership is getting you're poptropican and you can go on a virtual shopping spree! Everything in the store is FREE. No paying,just click,buy,enjoy. That's it! Another feature of membership is Early Access for new islands!

Early Access-

When an island comes out,the first people to see it are members. Members can start right away,with an island. If you don't have membership,you'll have to wait a few more weeks for it to come out to the public. So,membership sounds cool doesn't it?

"members only" Items-

With membership you can also get,what the Creators' call: "members only" items. Which some around the border look like this:

They're like metal around the border and gold inside. And all are super cool! So, become a member today! How? 

Buy membership and/or credits.

You can visit this site:
Membership and Credits
Prices are (dollars):
Monthly: $3.95
3 months: $10.95
6 months: $19.95
Not to bad,eh?

Purchase Credits-
you can also visit: to see how to purchase credits for you're poptropican! Remember: you can purchase as much as 1000 credits for very little money!

And now i'm through with my tour on: The store,Membership and credits. And i'll leave you with the "gold card of the month" and "store costume of the month." Happy shopping!

Gold card of the month:
Dr. Hare's Secret Lab Quest-250 credits-Free to members

Store Costume of the month:
Big Hearted-75 credits-Free to members
Hope this guide helped! :D Written by Friendly Shark/Poseidon


  1. decide if membership is worth it. Credits are you're hobby,and the in's and out's of the poptropica store. :D


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