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UPDATE: This page is outdated. You may help us by giving us your opinion of what the Islands after Shrink Ray Island are ranked! [Easy,Medium,Hard,Challenging,etc.]

early poptropica. Skill:Easy  
The very first island on Poptropica, and also is said to be the easiest! On this classic island, your task – should you choose to accept it – is to search for items misplaced by early settlers, so that ships are able to find their way to the island again.

Shark tooth. Skill: Just Right

Time tangled. Skill: Just right

24 carrot. Skill: Just Right

super power. Skill: Hard

Spy. Skill: Medium

Nabooti. Skill: Medium

Big Nate. Skill: Easy

Counterfeit. Skill: Hard

Reality Tv. Skill: Medium

Mythology. Skill: Medium

Skullduggery. Skill: Challenging

Steamworks. Skill: Hard

Great Pumpkin. Skill: Easy

Cryptids island. Skill: Medium
Red Dragon Island-Skill: Medium

Shrink Ray Island-Skill:Medium

Happy 3rd  Birthday- (not island) Skill: Challenging (for finding balloon)

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