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Can't seem to find an Author from this blog? Well,here's the solution!

"The Author Finder!" This page will tell you if an Author [FriendlyShark,AlfianoFong,Mysterious Gamer etc] is Online or Offline. Be sure to check frequently for updates!

Friendly Shark-
Status: Online
Friendly Shark is at: N/A

Alfiano Fong-
Status: Yeah im online all the time ^.^ Except for 10:22 night time.
Alfiano Fong is at:

Mysterious Gamer-
Mysterious Gamer is at:

Short Leaf (SL):
SL is at:

Tips on finding Friendly Shark on your own:

Friendly Shark is usually offline most of the time.But, if you want to meet him though, you could check Thephc Chat. Friendly Shark is usually online during the Late Afternoon hours,[3:00 EST-9:00 EST] If you want help, check the Big clock at the right side of the page. [scroll down if you cannot see the clock] To find him on Poptropica,you must check in Common Rooms on the islands of: Early Poptropica,Spy Island,Cryptids Island and Ghost Story Island. These are the islands he'll visit the most. To find him on Club Penguin,the servers you'll most likely find him on are: Hockey,Mammoth,Pine Needles,Slushy,and Yeti. Good Luck! (:

Tips on Finding Alfiano Fong on your own:

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Tips on finding Mysterious Gamer on your own:

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Tips on finding SL on your own:

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