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Monday, November 26, 2012

Going Nowhere

Hey guys! Friendly here! I've been inactive..I know..I have some news.First of all,I have decided not to quit Poptropica..Wait,I quit? Yep. I quit. Well I did...One of the reasons why I quit was because I wasn't a member..I have no membership. D: I thought,at least there will still be some islands to complete and new store items. The islands WERE 100 credits,if you completed them,as far as I know. Now,it's only 50 credits.. Yeah,not much.. On the bright side,they are still making store items [costumes etc..]. Nope. Now they started making Member stuff. Island after island were member gold cards.. Back then,there were Member gold cards but there was also 'Quests' before an Island was officially released. Example, D.C Diner for Mystery Train,Shrink Shot for Shrink Ray,Sumo Smash for Red Dragon Island etc. I miss those quests. Even people who weren't members still get to played even if it was only half the quest. PLUS,you got prizes!! Now,there's nothing. That's why I quit.. They started making Member stuff and they stopped making those 'sneak peak quests' like D.C Diner. I remember when I first joined Poptropica,back in December 2008. After that,many new wonderful things happened. Poptropica Store,Membership,Daily Pop,Multiverse,Avatar Studio and so much more. The good ol' times. (: Well there you have it. Sorry about the long paragraph. It's just explaining why I have been inactive. Before I forget,I will not write on the blog that much anymore. I used to be very active online. Now,this is going nowhere. To me,2010 was the BEST year ever. So many new islands. :') I won't be gone forever,this isn't goodbye. This is just a quick update to let y'all know what I have been up to. Nice seeing you guys again! And,just in case,Merry Early Christmas and Early Happy New Year! (:    

                                                                                          ~The Friendly Shark

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