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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Getting to know: Friendly Shark

Update: I'm not deleting this blog. c:

This week's topic: Club Penguin

I'm pretty sure you guys might not play Cp,but I do! ;)

Question: What's your name on Cp?
Answer: Therealfs

Q: When did you join Cp?
A: Saturday,August 13th,2011.

Q: How'd you find out about Cp?
A: Some chatting buddies.

Q:What was your first pin?
A: To be honest,I'm not sure. I'm guessing the "Enchanted Feather" pin?

Q: How many friends do you have?
A: More than 450.

Q: Can I add you on Cp?
A: Sure! But, my buddy list is almost full.

Q:Have you met any Mascots?
A: Yep. I've met, [In order,] Rookie,Aunt Arctic and Cadence,so far. :)

Q: Who's your favorite mascot?
A: Either,Rookie or Rockhopper.

Q: Why do you like Cp?
A: It's a fun enjoyable online world where the main characters are Penguins! :3

Q: So,you don't like Poptropica anymore?
A: I still do.

Q: Are you a member on Cp?
A: Yes.

Q: What's your favorite puffle?
A: Brown. :3

Q:How many puffles do you have?
A: 3.

Q: Have you ever gotten banned?
A: Nope.

Q:What's your favorite room?
A: The Coffee Shop

Q: What are your favorite servers to go on?
A: Flippers,Mammoth,Pine Needles,Sleet,Slushie and Vanilla.

Q: Is Cp fun?
A: Try it out to find out. ;D

Q:Anything else you might want to tell us?
A: If you really want to know,there's a cool party coming soon on Cp,better check it out!

To be continued... ;)

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