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Monday, July 9, 2012

So um..

Yeah im online all the time ^.^ Except for 10:22 night time.. sorry but im australian which makes it hard lol but heres some posts ^.^

It All Began While i was looking at the Daily Pop to see any new island updates.. All These Pictures
Must and looks like it is related to music..
This Reminds Me Of The Band Called KISS.. The Picture is Above ^ Related To Music 100 Percent!
This looks like a music player. It has a stop, play and a forward button. Also Related To Music ^.^
This One Has Some Buttons “Kick/Snare/Hi-Hat. But Clap Might be what you got to do.. It looks like a song writing machine to make your song ( you can tell by the squares and Collins and how its coloured. I can tell its related to music ^.^

Name Could Possibly Be: Music/Musical Island or Rock-Star/Rock/Rock On Island or Heaps other names. If you think you might know a name or anything you might want to ask go ahead :) Its Ok We’re always here to guide and help you ^.^

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