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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Slow...ending..?

Hey guys,Friendly Shark here. Recently I've been slow on updates,and well,I'm afraid this might be the end of PoptropicaTalk. We've had about 18,000 hits but we're not going anywhere. I know what  you're thinking. "He's quitting!?" No no. I'm not,yet. However,in order for this blog to "Heal" I'm gonna need helpers. And by helpers I mean,Authors.Author's to keep this blog up to date. If you're interested,comment below your email,and why you'd want to be author. I'll probably accept at least 3 authors. If I don't get any authors,I'm afraid this is the end. So,let's get this blog up to date,shall we? (:
I'll be back later to report any outcomes. Be prepared. You just might never know.

~The Friendly Shark

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