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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Did I Vanish..?


Hey guys,it's me, Friendly Shark. Recently,you've noticed I haven't been updating this blog frequently.The reason being,I don't go on Poptropica that much as I did before.I've met good friends along the way,who helped me with this blog or other Poptropica-related stuff. I'll still be on Poptropica,just not frequently. DON'T Worry! This isn't a goodbye. Just some information on why I'm [In]active online. Well that's pretty much sums this post up. By the way,with the new "Friend Feature" on Poptropica , if you want to Add me my Username is: Wizard1130 . Not telling my Password! [Of,course! :p] Well,I hope i'll be seeing you on Poptropica soon!

                                                                                                                ~ The Friendly Shark (:

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