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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dr. Hare's Fun time at London and at D.C.

Last week, we shared another picture of Dr. Hare somewhere in the world. Did you figure out where he was?

Dr. Hare was in London, England! That was the London Eye behind him, as well as Big Ben.

Here's another picture from a different angle, with St. Paul's Cathedral in the background.

Keep an eye out, because you never know where Dr. Hare will turn up next!

Yeah,The London Eye! In London,England! Duh. P: Well,Next new news on Mystery Train Island:

Are you ready for the newest Poptropica mini-game?

D.C. Diner is the craziest, zaniest restaurant you've ever seen. All of the VIPs who are about to board the Mystery Train are stopping in for a bite. It's up to you to serve them all and keep them happy!

D.C. Diner will be available very soon! Keep an eye on this space to be the first to know when it's available. 

   Well,Diner Dash related. And it's coming very soon! ;D Oh,and if your interested in being in the next episode of "positively Negative" Just,comment on this Post! Need 1 more person! Well,Got Milk is out! ;)


  1. DC Diner is a great game; mostly because I love Diner Dash. Oh..........and my name for positively negative is Fast Singer (fastsinger13)


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