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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

That Interview from June...

Friendly Shark: Hello, I'm your host and this is.. Poptropica interviews!

Hobo: Is this Poptropica interviews?
Friendly Shark:

Hobo: Is it?

Fs: Yes. :l

Hobo:I come for interview! :D

Friendly Shark: You are?
Hobo: Yea. 
Friendly Shark: Okay,then!
Hobo: First of all, I eat Worms.
Friendly Shark:
Hobo: I also eat brains.
Friendly Shark: Brains?
Hobo: They taste awesome. :P
Friendly Shark: Look at the time! It's time to go!
Hobo: But,but...
Friendly Shark: See ya next time on poptropica interviews!
Posted by Ninja Friendly Shark at 6:25pm

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