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Monday, July 25, 2011

It's almost that number,but First,comedy

Still thinking of the name of My comedy series. Suggestions? Suggest in the Comments! And Now Begin the Comedy Series!

 Characters Right to Left: Friendly Shark,Shaky Gamer,Spotted Monster.
Episode 1: That first short episode
(Scene: Friendly Shark and Spotted Monster And gonna enter Fs' House)

Friendly Shark: So, what about your report on Bacteria? Did you do good?
Spotted Monster: Well,I got a F-!
Fs: Well,yeah.
Sm: Mr. airbagg Gave me a F- for no reason.
Fs: The instructions were: Give information about Bacteria-
Sm: "Bacteria are tiny microscopic creatures. Period.
Fs: In,Specific DETAILS.
Sm: Well...
Fs: I got an A.
Sm: Well, I'm terrified that My Mom is gonna go berserk on me!
Fs: She does?
Sm: Well,yeah. She picks up a chair and starts going crazy with it!
Fs: Wait,wasn't that your Grandma?
Sm:No,My Grandma Is the one that says: "Eat your Veggies o they eat you!" Then she gos berserk with a chair.
Fs: Wait,Your Mom does that.
Sm: Well,let's just say with my grandma,The Chair was on my side.
Fs: You beat your grandma up?!
Sm: Don't Worry,she's part-cat. She has 9 lives.
Fs: Really?
Sm: Yeah,Which means the years my grandma has minus the 9 lives,she is 2351 years old.
Fs: That's impossible.
Sm: Well,it's not my fault My Subtracting is horrible.
Fs: Dude,your in 6th grade,and don't know your subtraction?
Sm: I can't subtract big numbers. *blushes*
Fs: *facepalm*
Sm: Hey,where's Sg?
Sg: *carrying a bag of Pound-Chips* Herrrreee,Iiii aamm....
Fs: O_O Pound-chips?!
Sg: Yeepp.
Sm: But each chip weighs like a pound!
Sg: Ooooh,Sm,I like how smart you are...
Sm: O_o Um....
Sg: oh,um. *blushes*
Fs: So,what now?
Sg and Sm: Idk.
Fs: Let's just end this episode. nothing is really happening.
Sg and Sm: Yeah.
Fs: *Cuts tape and screen turns black*

More Characters are coming soon,Like a Bad Guy,a love for Fs,:o,and maybe some Xat friends... ;) But the next episode will be called: Roller madness, And the rest is top secret...;)

And,that number,it's almost,10000. 10000 what? You'll know...

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