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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bad villain pausing to say a few words

The Binary Bard is poptropica's best villain he has a few words to say to you:

"My fellow Poptropicans, recently you selected me as your favorite Poptropica villain. This is a great honor, and with it comes great responsibility. I shall not let you down. As your choice for the best Poptropica villain, I make these unbreakable, evil promises to you:

  • I shall require every Poptropican to set a picture of me as their desktop
  • I shall outlaw birthday parties, puppy dogs, and summer vacation
  • I shall replace your sugary sodas with unsweetened iced tea
  • I shall institute a mandatory 8 PM bedtime for all, even when American Idol is on
  • I shall enslave every citizen of every planet in the galaxy and crush them under my iron yoke
Bow! Bow before the Binary Bard, my subjects! Bwahahahaha!"

Outlaw Puppy dogs? O_o  Umm... okay... Let's move on.

The new "pause" button let's you freeze the screen. Just like the time freeze item in the store.

And Red Dragon island is Out for all! Plus the next island is Shrink ray Island!
Have fun learning the way of the ninja.

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