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Monday, February 7, 2011

Late January Interview

You can view the "early January" interview by clicking ---> here.

Friendly Shark: Welcome to poptropica interviews! I'm Friendly Shark ( Fs for short) And today we're interviewing... Actually,I don't really know who I'm interviewing. :l

Random Camera Guy:  You can interview me!

Fs: No thanks.

Random Audience person: Pick me! MEEE!

Fs: Thanks but no thanks.

Microphone guy: Well,then?

Fs: I need someone who's good at public speaking...

Random guy: The crawfish!

Fs: no way. He's Dead.

Random Guy: Master mime

Fs: He's good at hands not public speaking.

Random Guy: Black widow!

Fs: She's good at public speaking but tricked me on Counterfeit Island.

Random Guy: Um...a Cookie?

Fs: Cookies Cannot talk!

Cookie: Yeah I can!

Fs: you can talk?!

Cookie: Of course I can!

Fs: In that case,we're interviewing?...

Cookie: Cook E.

Fs: Okay,Mr. Cook E. How does it feel to be eaten?

Cook E: Huh?

Fs: Yummy! *eats Cook E* Chocolate Chip cookies ROCK! Yummalicous!


Cook E's Mom: My son got eaten!

Cook E 2: I'll going to eat the guy who ate my brother!

Dun Dun Dun!!!

                                           The end?

Will Cook E 2 eat me? Find out this Early February!
posted by Friendly Shark at 6:40pm

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