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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year 2011,Poptropicans! 2010 is OVER! And 2011 replaced it place. I am also happy to announce,that in just 13 days, PoptropicaTalk (this Blog) is celebrating it's birthday! On January 14th,2010 this blog opened officially! Now,Poptropicatalk is bigger than the day it opened! I'll be getting this blog ready these following,so keep an eye out for changes throughout the blog! And if you missed the interview for Late December 2010, read it here below the video to kick off the new year! Happy New Year,Poptropicans!
Friendly Shark: Welcome to Poptropica interviews! We'll be interviewing... Harold Mews! Welcome.

Harold Mews: Hello,fellow Poptropicans.

Friendly Shark: So,Mr. Mews,you catch cryptids for a living right?

Harold Mews: Yes,That's right. I once caught the Giant Squid! It's longer than a school bus.

Friendly Shark: That must be pretty huge!

Harold  Mews: You got that right. The only ones I haven't Caught are: The Jersey Devil,The Loch Ness Monster,Bigfoot,Yeti,or the chupacabra.

Friendly Shark: I know that Members can start searching right now for those cryptids,right?

Harold Mews: Yes,and non-members can start on January 17th,2011.

Friendly Shark: At least they can watch a Trailer of the island.

Harold Mews: Uh-huh. Here it is: 

Friendly Shark: You also have a website on cryptids.

Harold Mews: Click HERE, to see it.

Friendly Shark: Well there you have it poptropicans! Harold Mews!

Harold Mews: I'll see you Non-members in January! Bye! and merry christmas!

Friendly Shark: And this was: POPTROPICA INTERVIEWS! Happy Holidays,Poptropicans!

New interview coming Early January 2011. Stay tuned for more details!

Posted by Friendly Shark at 10:15am

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