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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting to Know: Cryptids Island

 This Post gives you a REVIEW at Cryptids island,from the map to characters,to places you'll visit and more!

Cryptids Island is out today for everyone!  You'll be going on this island. And for That,here's the island map.  

This looks like a little quest,but believe me,you'll go back and forth on this island!

----Harold Mews Mansion and Main Street----

"Packing Up"

If you're going around the world,you'll need to Pack!

"Medication Room"

 You'll be cured in a flash!

"Bed and Breakfast"

If you like lying in bed in the morning,you have to come here. It's very cozy.

---New Jersey and Loch Ness Lake----

"Now entering New Jersey!"

Interstate 295 is great for the Jersey Devil.


That looks like a face...

"Loch Ness Pub"

The catchy Slogan says it all.


At least until Nessie shows up.

----Puerto Rico,Himilayas and Pacific Northwest----


Sherpas are a little more experts than you when it comes to dangerous climbs.

"Yetis do exsist?"

So close,yet so far away.

"Oh where has my little goat gone?"

To Puerto Rico of Course!


Hmm...more animals?


If Bigfoot does exsist,I'd better not bother him.

---Some Item Cards---

On Cryptids island,you'll be using some of these item cards:

I know a cheat for holding the lantern all the time. Shown on picture here:

Go to New Jersey,go find the abandoned house when you have the lantern on,teleport going somewhere. (I would use the Popmatrix for this) to any island. When you get there,tada! You have the lantern on. (I would use the Costume Collector to save it) Press SPACEBAR to witness the lantern's Powers,and you to would never be afraid of the dark again!

Island Details-

Island Trailer-

Cryptids Island is avaliable for everyone today! 
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