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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Coming soon Pages

I'm making some cool pages soon! And for that here's a glimpse of the pages...

Glitches,Cheats ~N~ more.-

This page will show some really cool Glitches,Cheats, and some cool links,poptropica related of course.

Store items,Membership,Credits.-

Gives you a tour of the store. Information on membership and some information on Credits. And may also give you a "Gold Card of the Month" And "Store Costume of the month" ;)

Poptropica Account Seller.-

Sometimes I make accounts,to either give away (90% of the time.) Which is the objective of this page. I will give away a Boy account and a Girl account. Now keep an eye out for a few costumes that might have "RARE" Items... ;)  *To win a costume be the first to comment on the page. -in order- 1.Poptropican name,gender- (boy or girl) and you're email and wait until you're account is in you're inbox A.S.A.P! :D it's that easy! =)  Costumes will change every week.

I'll put one up later on today! :D  Be prepared...

Posted by Friendly Shark at 3:10pm

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