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Monday, December 6, 2010


Fs/Hades 2: No way!
Fs: Wolf?
Hades 2: Medusa?
Fs: Wolf-
Hades: dusa?
Fs: Wolfman as a janitor. *laughs*
hades: WAIT!!!!!!
Fs: What?
Hades: You forgot.....
Fs: *turns*
hades: Medusa!
Fs: Chill,she's just a picture.
Hades: *coughs* I knew that.
Fs: Right....
Hades: Are you CaLLinG Me A LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *thunder booms*
Fs: No,brother.
Hades: I keeping an eye on you.
Fs: Anyways..... We were talking about a new sneak peek on daily Pop,right?
Hades: Yeah...
Fs: So,let me show them the picture.
Hades: Fine,go ahead.
Fs: *shows it with a caption along with it*

Fs: Forgotten costumes,sad.
Hades: Except for Medusa :D
Fs: Yeah.
Hades: Is that all?
Fs: Yep.
hades: *disappears to underworld*
Fs: *disappears to the seas*

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