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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting to Know Cryptids Island: The Mansion and Main Street

The creators are getting sneaky. This morning on daily pop they put ALOT of sneak peeks like "yippie for hippies" and "the (steam) Works. and other sneak peeks of wild west island. And then right now like this costume:

And guess what? 2 minutes later it's not there anymore. Keep an eye out for more of these not released things...

I'm Continuing the "getting to know cryptids island" preview. Now let's look at Harold Mews Mansion and Main Street.

"Packing Up"

If you're going around the world,you'll need to Pack!

"Medication Room"

 You'll be cured in a flash!

"Bed and Breakfast"

If you like lying in bed in the morning,you have to come here. It's very cozy.

More coming tomorrow!

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