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Friday, November 26, 2010

Poptropica Interviews----early November

Hadn't Had a chance to see  Poptropica interviews Early November? Look,below!

Alex Russo: Welcome to POP. Interviews. I'm you're Host A...
Fs: Um... What ye doing?
Alex: Interviewing...duh.
Fs: Who?
Alex: I don't know.
Fs: I'll give you an...
Alex: Wait i know who to interview! :D
Fs: Who?
Alex: *giggles*
Fs: Oh no. I know that giggle,It means something bad is gonna happen!
Alex: Welcome To POP. interviews! I'm you're Host Alex Russo and today we'll be interviewing Fs.
Fs: *shocked* ???!!!WHAT???!!! :O
Alex: Yep,you!
Fs: Fine. Just today. okay?
Alex: Whatever...
Fs: I take that as a Yes.
Alex: OK, First question: Where are you living now?
Fs: I am living in the United States,Tampa,Florida. On Earth of course. 
Alex: Cool. Next question, If you were to have a power,what would it be?
Fs: I have 2,actually. Mind-reading. Because Whenever I'm around people and I feel they're talking about me,I would love to see what they're thinking.
Alex: That's a cool power. What About #2?
Fs: Invisibility. :)
Alex: And why?
Fs: I just like it for no reason. :)
Alex: I hate to tell you this but,You're boring.
Fs: I hate to tell YOU this but,I could fire you if you know that.
Alex: Sorry.
Fs: I'm watching you.
Alex: Anyways,This was...POP Interviews!!!! See ya!
*curtain closes*
*audience Applauds* 
Happy thanksgiving!
Come back Soon for a new interview with... Dr. Hare!!!!!

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