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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fun? No. Dangerous. Yes. Another Unlucky day.

Well,it may look REALLY fun. But it turns out, it was a very dizzy experience. Believe me,That's a dangerous helicopter. Here's the story...

... I was minding my Business, When the helicopter got my eye and I had an idea...

Then I got on top and... starting Screaming.

Then...I noticed you can moonwalk on it.

I started running ...

and it looked like everything was okay,so far...when...

I fell off!  Wait there's more!

I was falling...falling...falling down.... Then...


I landed inside a trashcan. :(

A trashy day. :(  Or a Trashy-UN-lucky day. :(

Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be a lucky bright new day.

Posted by hades 2 at 4:36pm

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