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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fortune? No. Cookie? Yes.

I got these Fortune cookies from a Chinese restaurant. I cracked them open. oops. It was wrong getting these. Need Proof? I'll show you them.

Let's Discuss that This is not a fortune. More like a cookie.

Next one, bad.

I Won't Help you. You're a cookie with a bad fortune!

3rd one. Badder.

I dare you to give me a good fortune!

#4. Even Badder than 3.

You will succeed if you give me a good fortune!

Last but not least. This is the worst one than any Cookie in the whole world.

Watch out for bad cookies with Fortunes that worst than witches.

What a UN-lucky day.For me,that is.

Posted by Hades 2 at 4:11pm

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