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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

(UN) common works of Dart

New sneak peeks! Yesterday's:

(UN) Common Room:
"Work begins on the common room for a new island."


Works of Dart:
"concept Sketches for some surly pub patrons."

Waddaya think?

Posted by Alex Russo at 3:58pm

Monday, November 29, 2010

Travel pics.

Early Poptropica (wacky style)---

When you try to talk to someone,it's hard to read what they're saying.
Like this:
I think it had something to do with the water tower.
I go up...can't read.
Even when I tried for Directions.

This is normal style:
Until I get to another island, !eybdoog

Travel pics. and posted by Friendly Shark/Poseidon

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Story of the toucan. A lucky Day? Part 2

It turns out the picture of the toucan was NOT valuable,it was some Lady's Picture. What luck... :(
But, I did find this:
I wonder who this belongs to. This looks like...what is this place called? Um...I'll ask Friendly Shark,He'll know. ;)
posted by HΔDΣЅ 2 at 4:26pm

Friday, November 26, 2010

MY pet goat is Cuddly?

Hubba wha....?!

posted by Hippie Harry at 5:55pm

Poptropica Interviews----early November

Hadn't Had a chance to see  Poptropica interviews Early November? Look,below!

Alex Russo: Welcome to POP. Interviews. I'm you're Host A...
Fs: Um... What ye doing?
Alex: Interviewing...duh.
Fs: Who?
Alex: I don't know.
Fs: I'll give you an...
Alex: Wait i know who to interview! :D
Fs: Who?
Alex: *giggles*
Fs: Oh no. I know that giggle,It means something bad is gonna happen!
Alex: Welcome To POP. interviews! I'm you're Host Alex Russo and today we'll be interviewing Fs.
Fs: *shocked* ???!!!WHAT???!!! :O
Alex: Yep,you!
Fs: Fine. Just today. okay?
Alex: Whatever...
Fs: I take that as a Yes.
Alex: OK, First question: Where are you living now?
Fs: I am living in the United States,Tampa,Florida. On Earth of course. 
Alex: Cool. Next question, If you were to have a power,what would it be?
Fs: I have 2,actually. Mind-reading. Because Whenever I'm around people and I feel they're talking about me,I would love to see what they're thinking.
Alex: That's a cool power. What About #2?
Fs: Invisibility. :)
Alex: And why?
Fs: I just like it for no reason. :)
Alex: I hate to tell you this but,You're boring.
Fs: I hate to tell YOU this but,I could fire you if you know that.
Alex: Sorry.
Fs: I'm watching you.
Alex: Anyways,This was...POP Interviews!!!! See ya!
*curtain closes*
*audience Applauds* 
Happy thanksgiving!
Come back Soon for a new interview with... Dr. Hare!!!!!

Posted by Friendly Shark/Poseidon at 5:03pm

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  To celebrate,have a slice of turkey! :) You can almost hear it gobble.


*awkward slience*

Posted by Ferb Fletcher at 8:00am

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm digging and digging on concrete!

This is awkward.

2 points for the hippie!

Posted by hippie Harry at 9:25pm

Psssssssst! Read the post below! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not a hoax,TRUTH!!!!

 What does this mean?
Cryptids island item card? Yes,is the answer.

Update: Medallion!

Cryptids island medallion! Replay? :O

Posted by Phineas Flynn at 12:58pm

Monday, November 22, 2010

introducing the new era of POPTROPICA!!!

Well,daily pop that is. It's here! Comics,games,sneak peaks ;) are all here! Too bad it wasn't Cryptids island.
But this is a picture. sneak peak...

That looks like:

could it be?

Posted by Friendly Shark at 2:41pm

Could it be? Could Cryptids island come true?

Maybe. The poptropica website is under maintenance.

So,the homepage will probably look like this after the maintenance routine.

Until then,keep an eye out. Fs out.

Posted by Friendly Shark at 8:24am

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Comics in linus' room

Look for  it! Hint: Great Pumpkin island

Posted by Hippie Harry at: 1:00pm

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Story of the toucan. A lucky Day? Part 1

I don't know how it goes,but I found it on the ground. It's art, Maybe it worth's a Fortune! Or not...
I could be lucky...

Posted by: Hades 2 at 5:37pm

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fun? No. Dangerous. Yes. Another Unlucky day.

Well,it may look REALLY fun. But it turns out, it was a very dizzy experience. Believe me,That's a dangerous helicopter. Here's the story...

... I was minding my Business, When the helicopter got my eye and I had an idea...

Then I got on top and... starting Screaming.

Then...I noticed you can moonwalk on it.

I started running ...

and it looked like everything was okay,so far...when...

I fell off!  Wait there's more!

I was falling...falling...falling down.... Then...


I landed inside a trashcan. :(

A trashy day. :(  Or a Trashy-UN-lucky day. :(

Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be a lucky bright new day.

Posted by hades 2 at 4:36pm

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fortune? No. Cookie? Yes.

I got these Fortune cookies from a Chinese restaurant. I cracked them open. oops. It was wrong getting these. Need Proof? I'll show you them.

Let's Discuss that This is not a fortune. More like a cookie.

Next one, bad.

I Won't Help you. You're a cookie with a bad fortune!

3rd one. Badder.

I dare you to give me a good fortune!

#4. Even Badder than 3.

You will succeed if you give me a good fortune!

Last but not least. This is the worst one than any Cookie in the whole world.

Watch out for bad cookies with Fortunes that worst than witches.

What a UN-lucky day.For me,that is.

Posted by Hades 2 at 4:11pm

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From Hoops to Loops

There's an ad on main street. Fruit Loops ad!
And Friendly Shark gave me this pic to post here. He also gave me this pic:
Wackiness. He winning! I mean Friendly Shark. The other guy will lose. Or will he?

Posted by Alex Russo at 3:55pm

Monday, November 15, 2010


Could this be a preview for Cryptids island?

Posted by Friendly Shark at 4:20pm