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Saturday, October 30, 2010

What ever happened to Pop. Interviews Late Oct.2010???

Many of you were shocked looking at no Interview for Late Oct. Well, There will be no interview for Late Oct. So, until then: Read Mid Oct. Interview! Early Nov. Interview sneak peak coming soon! and also look at my new avatar's post: Phineas! look below this post to see it. Mid Oct. interview:

Fs:  Hello, This is Friendly Shark you're Host and this is POPTROPICA INTERVIEWS!!! today we'll be interviewing Captain Crawfish.

C.Crawfish: *grumbles*

Fs: what's wrong?

C.crawfish:  I'm Mad.

Fs:  Why?

C.Crawfish: 'Cause you sank my Ship!!!!

Fs:  Sorry....

C.crawish: you better be... >:{

Fs: Anyways..... you came here for a interview right?

C.Crawfish: Yeah...

Fs:ok...let's begin!!!

C.Crawfish: sure.

Fs: First Question. how did you become Captain?

C. Crawfish: Well, it started out days before skullduggery island was announced coming soon. those days I was well just a regular pirate. When, The real Captain passed away, the crew nominated me for Captain. That's Also Why i'm a Creator.

Fs:  Sad and interesting.  Next question... how long did it take you to build you're ship?

C.Crawfish: About 1 year.  Until you destroyed it.  >:-{

Fs: Sorry...  -_-

C.Crawfish: Whatever.

Fs: Next question... Why is you're name Crawfish? *laughs softly*

C.Crawfish: *gets up*

Fs: *starts running*

C.Crawfish: I'll get you you little seadog!

Fs: *runs*  And...this....was....POPTROPICA.... INTERVIEWS...BYE...NOW!

C.Crawfish: *arrrrrggggg!!!!!!*

*loud crash*  *curtain comes down*   *credits*  *audience looks in pain*

1 hour later...

fs: hope he wont return... im   hungry. *calls chinese restaurant* *orders just fortune cookies*
15 min later...

fs: yummy! I wonder what's my fortune... *opens cookie*   *gasps*  O_____________________O

Fs: GULP! *runs to hiding place*

no sharks or craw-fishes were hurt during the filming of this interview

Posted by Friendly Shark at: 4:42pm


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