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Monday, October 25, 2010

update and 6days till Halloween!

Sometimes i will not post as Fs. Sometimes some of my other Poptropicans but i'll still be Friendly Shark. :)
Here are the main posts of my poptropicans.

Main Avatar (FS)- New PCB posts,island previews and interviews.

Ferb Avatar- New pop. videos,Holiday posts and new store items.

Max avatar- Random Posts,justforfun and POPjokes (coming soon)

Alex Avatar- artwork, new island critics and simple questions and new ads.

Pharaoh Avatar- Pop. safety tips and contests.

Also if one of these avatars post look for them roaming in the player rooms! Who knows if you see 'em? :)

This Post is  a holiday post so... Ferb is posting! Let's see what he posts...

6 Days till Halloween!

6 days. 

6 symbols.

(  1.  # 2.  ! 3.   * 4.   ___  5.  And  %  6.  

Posted by the one and only: Ferb Fletcher at 3:45pm

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