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Monday, October 18, 2010

missed the chance of seeing the first poptropica interview?

See it here!  Early- October 2010  check out mid- October's interview too!

 Poptropica interviews: Linus

Fs:  Welcome to Poptropica Interviews, im Friendly Shark, Your host. And today we'll interview Linus From GP  Island.   Welcome Linus!

Linus:  Hello, Friendly Shark.

Fs:  At least you're not late like the last time...

Linus:   um.... 

Fs:  Anyways,  Let's just interview you. 

Linus: Sure, Go ahead

Fs: Okay, What was it like to be on poptropica for the first time?

Linus: Well, i think it's awesome because  poptropica is very popular and it let's me take a break from being on Tv.

Fs:  Interesting...  Also, Even though the great Pumpkin didn't come, are you over it?

Linus: *stares at Fs*   IM NOT OVER IT!!!!!  

Fs:  O.o   Why?

Linus:  Because, I have waited since 2007 and 2008 and 2009 and now i'll add to the list: no Pumpkin in 2010!  When, will i see the Great Pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fs:  One day...  I mean  i don't know.

Linus:  *grumbles*

Fs:  O.O ok... last question.  When is the next time you premiere on Tv with the PEANUTS Characters?

Linus:  Well...    * looks  at audience*  Well You'll Need to go to the PEANUTS store on the Great Pumpkin Island main street to see when I'll premiere with everyone else on ABC and buy dvds and watch a preview of The premiere of " It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" 

Fs:  Thanks, Linus for coming to Poptropica interviews.

Linus: any time.   * walks outta  stage*

Fs:  *looks at you*  Come Back in Mid-October to See The interview with  Captain  CrawFish!!!  O_____o

Fs:  See you Next time on... POPTROPICA INTERVIEWS! Bye, now!

 *credits*   *audience applauds*  

                       Great Pumpkin Island is now OPEN TO ALL!!!!

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