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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 Days till Halloween! Is it a hoax or truth?

I don't Know about you  but Check out The Creators' Blog for some Cryptid Island Notice. C. Crawfish is saying That Cryptid island could be a hoax or true. I don't Know about you but i'm Saying A hoax. I mean seriously, Look at all the posts!   It's like a Loch ness monster island or something. My Brother Max says it's true i don't know about Mom, Dad, Justin, you or anyone else. If you think it's a hoax comment about it. If you think it's True, Comment True or something I dont know. Well, im going to think about it. And  i'll be back Thursday with my TRUE vote. Until then, Auf Wiedersehen!
Also new Spook-tacular popgum in store!

Posted by the one and only Alex Russo at 4:00pm

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