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Sunday, October 31, 2010

It has been Declared. There is Halloween tonight.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Yeah it's that night tonight. Ghosts,ghouls,goblins,vampires,pumpkins and stuff like that. But Halloween is also a night to be safe. To be safe follow these simple steps.

1. Use Flashlights.
2. Walk on WELL-lit streets.
3. Walk on Sidewalks,not Roads. Cars can pass unexpectedly.
4. Don't Knock on doors with the porch light off!
5. Walk with an adult.
6.Pay attention where you're going. You could get lost.
7. Always stay with an adult. NEVER take a shortcut into bushy areas or where there is no people.
8. Check you're Candies after Trick or treating. Some could be bad for you.
9. if you  need to go somewhere, tell the adult you're with.
Follow these steps to be safe tonight. And Well...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Posted by Ferb Fletcher at 11:25am

Saturday, October 30, 2010

What ever happened to Pop. Interviews Late Oct.2010???

Many of you were shocked looking at no Interview for Late Oct. Well, There will be no interview for Late Oct. So, until then: Read Mid Oct. Interview! Early Nov. Interview sneak peak coming soon! and also look at my new avatar's post: Phineas! look below this post to see it. Mid Oct. interview:

Fs:  Hello, This is Friendly Shark you're Host and this is POPTROPICA INTERVIEWS!!! today we'll be interviewing Captain Crawfish.

C.Crawfish: *grumbles*

Fs: what's wrong?

C.crawfish:  I'm Mad.

Fs:  Why?

C.Crawfish: 'Cause you sank my Ship!!!!

Fs:  Sorry....

C.crawish: you better be... >:{

Fs: Anyways..... you came here for a interview right?

C.Crawfish: Yeah...

Fs:ok...let's begin!!!

C.Crawfish: sure.

Fs: First Question. how did you become Captain?

C. Crawfish: Well, it started out days before skullduggery island was announced coming soon. those days I was well just a regular pirate. When, The real Captain passed away, the crew nominated me for Captain. That's Also Why i'm a Creator.

Fs:  Sad and interesting.  Next question... how long did it take you to build you're ship?

C.Crawfish: About 1 year.  Until you destroyed it.  >:-{

Fs: Sorry...  -_-

C.Crawfish: Whatever.

Fs: Next question... Why is you're name Crawfish? *laughs softly*

C.Crawfish: *gets up*

Fs: *starts running*

C.Crawfish: I'll get you you little seadog!

Fs: *runs*  And...this....was....POPTROPICA.... INTERVIEWS...BYE...NOW!

C.Crawfish: *arrrrrggggg!!!!!!*

*loud crash*  *curtain comes down*   *credits*  *audience looks in pain*

1 hour later...

fs: hope he wont return... im   hungry. *calls chinese restaurant* *orders just fortune cookies*
15 min later...

fs: yummy! I wonder what's my fortune... *opens cookie*   *gasps*  O_____________________O

Fs: GULP! *runs to hiding place*

no sharks or craw-fishes were hurt during the filming of this interview

Posted by Friendly Shark at: 4:42pm


countdown: Is it a trick or Treat?

It's a Treat. 1 day Till Halloween!!!! Beware! Beware! BEWARE!!! >:)

Posted By Phineas Flynn at 1:42pm

Friday, October 29, 2010

Countdown: 2 Days till Halloween. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!! Yippie!!!!!!!!!!...


That was Random. '_'

 Well, Two days Till Halloween. Yep. Candy,ghosts,pumpkins,bigfoots,loch ness monsters...etc.
I promised you that i will tell you the name of my "work in progress" Island. It's Called.... *drum roll*

Aloha Island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another random Thing...

Lol,JK! It's called: "mixup Break-in" Island. Sound Weird Right? I know.
Anyway, Anyone watch the Great pumpkin on ABC last night? If,you didn't Watch it again today at 8pm! I watched it,did you?

Posted by Friendly Shark at 3:03pm.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ok,Ok! I think it's Truth Not Hoax! 3 days till Halloween! :)

Well, Last time you saw me, i said that Cryptids island was a hoax. But now I think it's true! Want Proof? Take a Look at this:
   Hey there's something inside the cave! Bones Maybe? O_O And a Big Footprint Near the entrance of the cave. O__O And a Squirrel! O___O Strange Huh? There's only one explanation for this. A BonesFootprintssquirrel eating Monster.

I Wish.

Or Bigfoot, Maybe.

Posted By Alex Russo at 4:06pm

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

4 Days till Hallo-Green. (random post #5)


4 days.

4 Words in green language.....





...All in Green. :)

Posted by Max Russo at 12:43pm

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MY new island.

I have Drawn a Picture Preview of one  of my New islands. Take a look.
Look at all those Pictures! Remind you of something? Wait, What in the world is the name of that store?
Who broke in? Why is there so many island pics??? Have Patience until Friday. :)
Until then read Alex's New post. to do that look below

Posted by the one and only: Friendly Shark

5 Days till Halloween! Is it a hoax or truth?

I don't Know about you  but Check out The Creators' Blog for some Cryptid Island Notice. C. Crawfish is saying That Cryptid island could be a hoax or true. I don't Know about you but i'm Saying A hoax. I mean seriously, Look at all the posts!   It's like a Loch ness monster island or something. My Brother Max says it's true i don't know about Mom, Dad, Justin, you or anyone else. If you think it's a hoax comment about it. If you think it's True, Comment True or something I dont know. Well, im going to think about it. And  i'll be back Thursday with my TRUE vote. Until then, Auf Wiedersehen!
Also new Spook-tacular popgum in store!

Posted by the one and only Alex Russo at 4:00pm

Monday, October 25, 2010

update and 6days till Halloween!

Sometimes i will not post as Fs. Sometimes some of my other Poptropicans but i'll still be Friendly Shark. :)
Here are the main posts of my poptropicans.

Main Avatar (FS)- New PCB posts,island previews and interviews.

Ferb Avatar- New pop. videos,Holiday posts and new store items.

Max avatar- Random Posts,justforfun and POPjokes (coming soon)

Alex Avatar- artwork, new island critics and simple questions and new ads.

Pharaoh Avatar- Pop. safety tips and contests.

Also if one of these avatars post look for them roaming in the player rooms! Who knows if you see 'em? :)

This Post is  a holiday post so... Ferb is posting! Let's see what he posts...

6 Days till Halloween!

6 days. 

6 symbols.

(  1.  # 2.  ! 3.   * 4.   ___  5.  And  %  6.  

Posted by the one and only: Ferb Fletcher at 3:45pm

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Countdown: 7 days till Halloween (safety Tips)

7 Days...

7 Safety Tips old and new!

NEVER  get in the way of witch doctors.
NEVER Talk to strangers.
NEVER Eat god cinnamon fire flavor popgum.
NEVER ride in a boat in the river Styx.
NEVER be a minute late for school
NEVER  open a fortune cookie.
And NEVER  let a squirrel pose in a camera picture!
Remember 7 days till Halloween.   Bwahahahaha....  >;)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Foggy Hot-air Cryptids balloons castle island?

So much to post! First off Foggy Castle.
Scotland's Flag on top.
Next: Balloons
Hot air,that is.

Last but not least... Cryptids island?
Cryptid:  Something that cannot be proofed true, like Bigfoot or Yeti or ghosts.

Something else, the loch ness monster is a cryptid and seen in scotland...hmm.... could we see A Loch ness Monster on this island?...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

missing playing that island and want to play it again? (Not a random post :( )

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  looks like it's not there on medallion cards anymore. :'(

Well now you can! just go to any island medallion and click "replay island" to replay it again!  I wonder if you get credits too... hmmm....

Great pumpkin may or will not work.  Go (re) Play now!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

missed the chance of seeing the first poptropica interview?

See it here!  Early- October 2010  check out mid- October's interview too!

 Poptropica interviews: Linus

Fs:  Welcome to Poptropica Interviews, im Friendly Shark, Your host. And today we'll interview Linus From GP  Island.   Welcome Linus!

Linus:  Hello, Friendly Shark.

Fs:  At least you're not late like the last time...

Linus:   um.... 

Fs:  Anyways,  Let's just interview you. 

Linus: Sure, Go ahead

Fs: Okay, What was it like to be on poptropica for the first time?

Linus: Well, i think it's awesome because  poptropica is very popular and it let's me take a break from being on Tv.

Fs:  Interesting...  Also, Even though the great Pumpkin didn't come, are you over it?

Linus: *stares at Fs*   IM NOT OVER IT!!!!!  

Fs:  O.o   Why?

Linus:  Because, I have waited since 2007 and 2008 and 2009 and now i'll add to the list: no Pumpkin in 2010!  When, will i see the Great Pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fs:  One day...  I mean  i don't know.

Linus:  *grumbles*

Fs:  O.O ok... last question.  When is the next time you premiere on Tv with the PEANUTS Characters?

Linus:  Well...    * looks  at audience*  Well You'll Need to go to the PEANUTS store on the Great Pumpkin Island main street to see when I'll premiere with everyone else on ABC and buy dvds and watch a preview of The premiere of " It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" 

Fs:  Thanks, Linus for coming to Poptropica interviews.

Linus: any time.   * walks outta  stage*

Fs:  *looks at you*  Come Back in Mid-October to See The interview with  Captain  CrawFish!!!  O_____o

Fs:  See you Next time on... POPTROPICA INTERVIEWS! Bye, now!

 *credits*   *audience applauds*  

                       Great Pumpkin Island is now OPEN TO ALL!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Great Pumpkin is waiting...

Great Pumpkin Island Is now online to ALL!!! Will Linus see the Great pumpkin? Find out when you check out:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Um...Errr...ERROR ERROR ERROR!!!!!!!! (random post #4)

Um... that is not a Great Pumpkin Item Card...  that's a spy island item card!!!  Weird, Huh?

Great Pumpkin island is coming open tomorrow to all!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010


We will be on maintenance later on today until tomorrow. If you see a message that only invited people are allowed then, you'll know the blog is on Maintenance. :)  until then read the posts or vote on the poll or go play poptropica or chat in our chats!

~ Friendly Shark

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Poptropica interviews: Linus (from Great Pumpkin Island) (random post #3)

Friendly Shark: Hello, and welcome to poptropica interviews. Today We will interview Linus of GP island... If he gets here!

------------------------------------ 1 1/2 and 0.0001 hours later...----------------------------
Linus: Am i late?...  -_-
Friendly shark: *sleepy*  Yes.... and you're interview was 1 1/2 and 0.0001 hours ago. So, I'll interview Next week... And this was Poptropica interviews.
Linus: *confused* ok?...then... :S Buh-bye.

                                                          The end...?

No hours were hurt during the filming of this interview. (well,maybe 1... :o)

Friendly Shark:   o___O     Um....

Random voice: We're OFF  AIR!!!!!

Friendly shark: *walks away from stage*   O_____________________o

                             Come back soon for the Interview!                                  

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poptropica Safety Tips PT. 1

NEVER get close to oil tanks...

 NEVER talk  to strangers...
 NEVER  get hit with little volcanoes
 NEVER get in the way with Witch Doctors

 And NEVER let Dr. Hare costimize himself, UNLESS if he can't costimize into anything!