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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Robot-Pirate Island?!?!?! XD

ok...Skullduggery Island + Some Random Pic. of a crab robot must equal to.... ROBOT-PIRATE ISLAND!!!!!!   lol, Jk. Master Mime Has a Secret and wants to share it with us! here's what he says:

"i Received Special instruction to reveal you this "mysterious:" Picture. Be wise. With this small piece of information, you could save the future of poptropica. You'r Mission,for Now,is to wait patiently until further notice... 

            Okayz....Robot "Krabs" WE Know you were talking to you're little.....*random person interrupts scene* " The Post!!!!"   Oh, back to the post! xD Well, Wikipedia the other day said that: Virtual Island is a "working on" Island. Could this be a sneak peek of "virtual Island?...."

Oh an check out my new story!!!! and here's what I made To end This Post: Hope you like it! :D


Posted by Poseidon/fs at 5:56 pm. 

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