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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Okz,Are You Guys Liking What I did to my blog? :D It Took me a long time to pick out a background. xD See what things I changed... ;) Oh and 2 New Store Items here they are: (in person! xD)
For Soccer Player,The Creators' Thought Of the FIFA World Cup and well came out: Soccer Player!
And it's Graduating Season! Get the "graduate" Costume..FREE!!! If you put Red,It Reminds me of the "high School Musical 3"  Ad. And there's A secret in poptropica! make that, "Early" Poptropica! Here's A clue:
What is it? A hypnotic Costume! :D :D :D

And Remember that PCB post: "Beat That!" posted by Dr. Hare?

Well,That's All for this post! :)

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