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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

free smileys gone for 2 months free smileys

Well, I am Leaving to Mexico for 2 months beginning on Friday. I will not be posting from here until August 22nd 2010. (that's when I return)  I am Hiring people to work on my blog. if you want to work here...comment "yes" on this post so  Gamer can make you a author here.well ciao for 2 months... free smileys free smileys  free smileys  free smileys

farewell my good friends...  free smileys free smileys free smileys free smileys

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arrrrrg!!! Skullduggery Island is coming this thursday!

Skullduggery Island is almost coming to non-members! So, here is the trailer!

:D :D :D  :D :D   (i Know i spammed :P)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Okz,Are You Guys Liking What I did to my blog? :D It Took me a long time to pick out a background. xD See what things I changed... ;) Oh and 2 New Store Items here they are: (in person! xD)
For Soccer Player,The Creators' Thought Of the FIFA World Cup and well came out: Soccer Player!
And it's Graduating Season! Get the "graduate" Costume..FREE!!! If you put Red,It Reminds me of the "high School Musical 3"  Ad. And there's A secret in poptropica! make that, "Early" Poptropica! Here's A clue:
What is it? A hypnotic Costume! :D :D :D

And Remember that PCB post: "Beat That!" posted by Dr. Hare?

Well,That's All for this post! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Begins With Some Weird Pictures,a new ad,and a new store item!

Alot Of News This Week! Well,We'll Kick it off with Some Weird Picture of a Plant Monster O_O...

                                        Creepy Right? O_O

Next, SURF'S UP! with the new Store Item!
                                     Choose from: Zeus,Hades,Or Poseidon Style!

Then A  "fruit loops"  advertisement!
                                            Is that Fish Guy from the commercial! xD
And Last but now Least....

                                                                             O_O                ^^^^^^^^^
Well that's All i Got...for now.... And vote on the Poll! :D  ciao!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oil Spill (poptropica Version)

All This Oil Spill Talk,Gave Me An Idea. Here it is:
        The "Bad" People Of Skullduggery Island,Aren't Treating The Seas That Good. Shame on them! >:-(
        Well,Even Fort Ridley Has The Oil Spill Just off the coast. O_O
Bad People..Wonder who started the oil spill in the pop. Sea... We Have one witness (me xD) Right here...
It Was...  >>>>>>>   Captain CrawFish!!!! But Why Would He Do that...?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Robot-Pirate Island?!?!?! XD

ok...Skullduggery Island + Some Random Pic. of a crab robot must equal to.... ROBOT-PIRATE ISLAND!!!!!!   lol, Jk. Master Mime Has a Secret and wants to share it with us! here's what he says:

"i Received Special instruction to reveal you this "mysterious:" Picture. Be wise. With this small piece of information, you could save the future of poptropica. You'r Mission,for Now,is to wait patiently until further notice... 

            Okayz....Robot "Krabs" WE Know you were talking to you're little.....*random person interrupts scene* " The Post!!!!"   Oh, back to the post! xD Well, Wikipedia the other day said that: Virtual Island is a "working on" Island. Could this be a sneak peek of "virtual Island?...."

Oh an check out my new story!!!! and here's what I made To end This Post: Hope you like it! :D


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