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Monday, May 3, 2010

:O Members can now watch the trailer and get a costume!!!

It's Here!!!! :O Members check you're Items and it should be there! (message to non-members:If you become a member before 5/17 should still get these items!)

posted be Poseidon/fs at 6:00 pm


  1. Please become a follower and comment on my blog's newest post. CLICK the pencil and click 0 comments, then just say something. And also just click you wanna be a follower on the sidebar.

  2. Opps! Don't click on the pencil, just go near it until comments button appears. ;)

  3. NEVERMIND. I deleted the pencil just click: Comments when your near the end of the invisable line near the post...

  4. Psst... how do you get a custom header on ur blogspot website?

  5. um..hi Friendly Gamer! What's is with the 4 comments? well...that's alot xP


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