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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The treasure hunt: book 1 of 3 chapter 1

Poseidon/fs: Are you sure? *looks around*
Giant penguin/Lone bones/alice: YES!!!
Poseidon/fs: um...ok... *picks apple off tree*
Zeus: WHO DARED PICKED AN ---- oh,hi brother
Zeus: oh just seeing who picked the golden apple. Did you pick it?
Poseidon/fs: yes?...
Poseidon/fs: but Gp told me!
Gp: No i didn't Lone bones told me!
Lone bones: But alice told me!
Alice: but those statues dared me!
Zeus: Curse those statues! *throws lightning bolts at them*
Zeus: *laughs* Now that's what I called funny! XD
Zeus: Here give me the apple and I will give you a paper in a bottle.
Poseidon/fs: *gives Zeus apple*
Zeus: *gives Poseidon a note in a  bottle*
Gp: what is it?
Zeus: um...a...a treasure hunt,yeah a treasure hunt! *grins*
Alice: um...ok?
Zeus: *disappears*
lone bones: uhhhh....that was odd...
Athena: look for the olive trees if you need my help. :)
gp: Athena?! Why are you---
Athena: *disappears*
Poseidon/fs: look an olive tree! *runs to tree*
Athena: you're journey begins at the river styx *disappears*
Poseidon/fs: Yep,that's in the underworld.
All: *gulps*
Poseidon/fs: let's use this touchscreen mirror Aphrodite gave me.
All: Ready or not here we come!!! :D


  1. xDDD That's hilarious, FS! I love it! Ps. It's Alice.

  2. Umm.. On the next chapter, can you do a lot of stuff that i'm saying? -GP

  3. Also, make sure you use the same characters on the next chapter.


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