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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The treasure hunt: book 1 of 3 chapter 2 by Poseidon/Fs

Gp: Poseidon what's that?
Poseidon/fs: that's the river styx,Gp
Lone bones: River styx?
Poseidon/fs: Styx means...DEATH! *gulps*
Alice: looks kinda...greenish
Lone bones: Yeah and what that green thing in the water?...
Poseidon/fs: A Greenish sea monster,i guess? *grins*
Gp: maybe...maybe or a dead sea monster!
All: *look at Gp*O_o what you say?!
Gp: Nothing... -_-
Alice: ok...
Lone bones: come on! get in the boat!
Gp: ok!
Alice: um...
Poseidon/fs: can we just use the touchscreen mirror?
Lone bones: maybe.........NO.
Poseidon/fs: well, I'm using it! anyone coming?
Gp: no who needs a "magic" mirror?
Alice: I'll think i'll pass
Poseidon/fs: fine! We'll have a race who ever gets to the other side wins! Ready...
Poseidon/fs: set...
lone bones,Gp,alice: wait!!!!
Poseidon/fs: GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *disappears*
Lone bones: Let's row!
Gp,alice: *rows boat fast but not to fast*
Alice: My hands are getting tired!
Gp: mine too!
Lone bones: Nag,nag,nag! come on we'll lose the race!
Gp: Poseidon's probably already there celebrating!
Alice: yeah
Lone bones: well at least we--- LAND HO!
Alice,Gp: already there?
Lone bones: Yep!
Gp: Wait what's that monster on land?
Poseidon/fs: *poofs out of nowhere* Cerburus: Guardian of the underworld.
Gp:oh cool!
Lone bones: pass.....
Athena: *poofs out* Music will sooth the savage beast *disappears*
All: MUSIC?!
Gp: I have a flute
Alice: ok
Lone bones: play it!
Poseidon/fs: WAIT! You don't know what Rythym to play!
Gp: Whatever! Let me play a tune!
Poseidon/fs: *rolls eyes* Goodbye. *disappears*
Gp: *plays a random Rythym on flute*
Alice: Gp... look!
Gp: *looks* AHHHHHHHH!!!!! RUN   FOR   YOUR   LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All: *run for their lives* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Athena: *poofs out* Take this sheet of notes and play the right notes *disappears*
Gp:! *plays RIGHT tunes*
Alice: Gp Cerburus is sleeping!
Cerburus: *snores*
All: Hallalujah!
Poseidon/fs: I should run now.... bye!  *poofs away*
Gp,alice,lone bones: uh...oh... :O

To     be   continued...... bwahahahahahahaha---*coughs* sorry...hahahahahaha!!!!!

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