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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!! Yes.I'm Talking to you earth! :D

Oh Earth i'm going to tell you something...

                                                I'M GLAD

                                   I'm glad the sky is painted blue,
                                   And the Earth Is painted GREEN, 
                                   With such a lot of nice fresh air
                                    All Sandwiched in between. :)

Like it? Speaking of earth day, there is a new Mini-Quest in the Poptropica store! :D Take a look...

    here's how it looks like and the prize is with two exclimation points! :)

It's FREE?! :O How could this be? Why is this Happening? Why am I asking You these annoying questions?
 Well the prize is a "EARTH DAY T-SHIRT" and of course, 50 Credits! Well, I'm Also doing my part...

                                         Planting A flower. A perfect Gift For The Earth. :)
This is the end of my post. :( But... HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! and Remember... Don't be an Energy Hog!!! ;)
 This Is Poseidon/fs signing off :)

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