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Friday, April 30, 2010

New Store Items.. take a look...

                                        GUM!!!                                              GUM!!!

 Poseidon/Fs signing off :D

Mystery Items SOLVED! :D

Looks Like The Mystery Items Are Solved! :D Members, Look at the new Skullduggery Costume!

                                 well, Looky  Here! A beard!!! :O :D

"Beginning on may 3rd, Members will Have a chance to look and buy these Items! If you become a member before May 15th you can get these too!"  Hear That?, Non-members! xP

Friendly Shark/Poseidon Signing Off at 12:47pm  Adios! xD ( or bye!)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lots of news! but a Little Post! xD

Mythology Island Is now online For ALL!

New Update On mystery Items:
New Creator! :D,

Captain CrawFish

Au Revoir! ;)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If it's a secret creators...TELL IT TO ME!!! xD And 2 days to Mythology Island! (for non-members xp)

New post on the Creator's blog! Here's what they say:

Mythology island will available for ALL in just 2 days!

Also, there are two special members-only cards coming soon! Keep an eye out for more details...

Creator's Tell it To ME!!! xD And also they say that Mythology Island is coming in 2 days for non-members! Here's a final Sneak-Peak:
                         " Ahh,Poseidon's Statue. I wonder Why that Seahorse is looking at us... O_o
Poseidon/Fs signing off. :)   p.s Vote on the poll!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Monday, April 26, 2010

Arrrg! what's this? Skullduggery island---coming soon?!

arrrg!!! the creator's have a new island!!! here's the  wallpaper:

                       arrrg!!! here's what they say:
     "A new Adventure is coming soon to poptropica,Skullduggery island! click on the image below (above) to get your wallpaper!" Arrg!!! cool! If you dont believe me go to: !!! Poseidon/Fs offboard (signing off) also check out my new post below!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

People Voted...1 winner! ;D

You Guys Did Vote! The Question Was: What is  you're Favorite Poptropica Creator? Well it was... drumroll please?... *drum rolls on along the stage* um...well drumroll and Drum roll work...I guess... O_o well it was...

3 people Voted for Hades and sadly The Binary Bard had 1 person. Take That Binary Bard! >:-D Lolz!!!
Well,thanks for voting! Please Vote on the current one!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!! Yes.I'm Talking to you earth! :D

Oh Earth i'm going to tell you something...

                                                I'M GLAD

                                   I'm glad the sky is painted blue,
                                   And the Earth Is painted GREEN, 
                                   With such a lot of nice fresh air
                                    All Sandwiched in between. :)

Like it? Speaking of earth day, there is a new Mini-Quest in the Poptropica store! :D Take a look...

    here's how it looks like and the prize is with two exclimation points! :)

It's FREE?! :O How could this be? Why is this Happening? Why am I asking You these annoying questions?
 Well the prize is a "EARTH DAY T-SHIRT" and of course, 50 Credits! Well, I'm Also doing my part...

                                         Planting A flower. A perfect Gift For The Earth. :)
This is the end of my post. :( But... HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! and Remember... Don't be an Energy Hog!!! ;)
 This Is Poseidon/fs signing off :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Master Mime...a Energy Hog?! O_o

Look's like the creator's are making a Mini-quest! According to the PCB,they say: "don't be an Energy hog"
"Next Week we will celebrate earth day. Be watching the store soon for a new FREE experience that will help you save the planet" "what exactly is a Energy Hog? Don't Worry You'll find out soon :)"

Master Mime posted this on the PCB. Did you notice that he is the only creator posting so far? O_o creepy, for a mime,xD. by the look at FREE and  STORE, it's a mini-quest. Uh-oh,Master Mime do you see the lamp and computer and tv on? Are you wasting Energy? Maybe He's an Energy Hog...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Congrats Undefined Undefined!!!!!! :D

We had a Quiz Show at my chat and who won? Undefined Undefined! take a look...

and He became owner too! ;) CONGRATS!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

under Maintenance

We'll be under Maintenance because we will make alot of changes! so, in the meanwhile you can enter the contest (it's somewhere below posts) or look at our posts! thanks ;) we'll be back soon!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

We're BACK!

We're Back from Maintenance! See if you can find the new changes to this blog! Also Check out the newest story below this post!

The treasure hunt: book 2 of 3 chapter 1 of 5

Gp: How will you teach us the fishes way to measure?!
Poseidon/fs: Follow me! *poofs out*
Alice: where?! 
*A small tornado appears* *Gp,lone bones,alice get sucked inside*
Alice,Lone bones,Gp: *Screams* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All: *poof out on Poseidon's Beach*
Poseidon/fs: Here we are!
Gp: umm...It's just a beach....
Lone bones: Yeah....
Alice: *nods head* yep
Poseidon/fs: winks ;) *throws staff in the air and statues appear*
Poseidon/fs: here.
Gp: so they're statues...
Poseidon/fs: *shakes head* These aren't ordinary statues of fishes and gods. They're magical!
Alice: Magical?
Poseidon/fs: Yep! touch one and say something to them. for example. I will  touch this swordfish statue
Poseidon/fs: Um... Teach me the fishes way to measure!
swordfish statue: As you wish.... *squirts seawater at Poseidon*
Poseidon/fs: Well? go!
To be continued....

this blog is under Maintenance. More details below...

This Blog will be under Maintenance today from 8:30am-4:30 pm! we'll be back later today!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Creators, We get it. More Astroknights = more knights :l

Looks like the creators get it. More astroknights = More knights. :l um... was that just the topic? O_o  Oh my god i'm turning into grampa Shark! xD Anyways, For boys there are 2 new cool store items! (75 credits or free with membership! :D)  Well here they are:
                                                                                                                 Darky and Earthy! xD

The treasure hunt: book 1 of 3 chapter 3

Gp: what in the world?! :O
Alice: Is that?...
Lone bones:Yep...hades
Hades: Giant Penguin did you put Cerburus to sleep?
Gp: NO! alice told me!
Alice: But lone bones told me!
Lone bones: But Poseidon told me!
Poseidon/fs:  *poofs out* But Athena told us!
Hades: Athena?! GRRRR!!!! Wait here!
Alice: Are we in trouble?
Hades: no, BUT Athena is!
Gp,Lone bones,alice,poseidon: *gasps*
Athena: *poofs out* Heed this lesson my uncle hades never learned, 4 powers combined can Defeat 1 *disappears*
Hades: Not if I could help it! *throws crown at Gp*
Gp: *throws crown at poseidon*
Poseidon/fs: *throws Crown at Alice*
Alice: *throws crown at Lone bones*
Lone bones: *throws crown at Cerburus*
Cerburus:*bites,chews and throws crown into the river styx*
Hades: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hades: *sobs* you can go past the underworld.
Alice: where to next?
Athena: *poofs out* The next step to finding your treasure,is to learn the fishes way to measure *disappears*
Lone Bones: Poseidon, I think you might know.
Poseidon/fs: Yep, And I must teach you.....
   To   be continued.......

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The treasure hunt: book 1 of 3 chapter 2 by Poseidon/Fs

Gp: Poseidon what's that?
Poseidon/fs: that's the river styx,Gp
Lone bones: River styx?
Poseidon/fs: Styx means...DEATH! *gulps*
Alice: looks kinda...greenish
Lone bones: Yeah and what that green thing in the water?...
Poseidon/fs: A Greenish sea monster,i guess? *grins*
Gp: maybe...maybe or a dead sea monster!
All: *look at Gp*O_o what you say?!
Gp: Nothing... -_-
Alice: ok...
Lone bones: come on! get in the boat!
Gp: ok!
Alice: um...
Poseidon/fs: can we just use the touchscreen mirror?
Lone bones: maybe.........NO.
Poseidon/fs: well, I'm using it! anyone coming?
Gp: no who needs a "magic" mirror?
Alice: I'll think i'll pass
Poseidon/fs: fine! We'll have a race who ever gets to the other side wins! Ready...
Poseidon/fs: set...
lone bones,Gp,alice: wait!!!!
Poseidon/fs: GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *disappears*
Lone bones: Let's row!
Gp,alice: *rows boat fast but not to fast*
Alice: My hands are getting tired!
Gp: mine too!
Lone bones: Nag,nag,nag! come on we'll lose the race!
Gp: Poseidon's probably already there celebrating!
Alice: yeah
Lone bones: well at least we--- LAND HO!
Alice,Gp: already there?
Lone bones: Yep!
Gp: Wait what's that monster on land?
Poseidon/fs: *poofs out of nowhere* Cerburus: Guardian of the underworld.
Gp:oh cool!
Lone bones: pass.....
Athena: *poofs out* Music will sooth the savage beast *disappears*
All: MUSIC?!
Gp: I have a flute
Alice: ok
Lone bones: play it!
Poseidon/fs: WAIT! You don't know what Rythym to play!
Gp: Whatever! Let me play a tune!
Poseidon/fs: *rolls eyes* Goodbye. *disappears*
Gp: *plays a random Rythym on flute*
Alice: Gp... look!
Gp: *looks* AHHHHHHHH!!!!! RUN   FOR   YOUR   LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All: *run for their lives* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Athena: *poofs out* Take this sheet of notes and play the right notes *disappears*
Gp:! *plays RIGHT tunes*
Alice: Gp Cerburus is sleeping!
Cerburus: *snores*
All: Hallalujah!
Poseidon/fs: I should run now.... bye!  *poofs away*
Gp,alice,lone bones: uh...oh... :O

To     be   continued...... bwahahahahahahaha---*coughs* sorry...hahahahahaha!!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The treasure hunt: book 1 of 3 chapter 1

Poseidon/fs: Are you sure? *looks around*
Giant penguin/Lone bones/alice: YES!!!
Poseidon/fs: um...ok... *picks apple off tree*
Zeus: WHO DARED PICKED AN ---- oh,hi brother
Zeus: oh just seeing who picked the golden apple. Did you pick it?
Poseidon/fs: yes?...
Poseidon/fs: but Gp told me!
Gp: No i didn't Lone bones told me!
Lone bones: But alice told me!
Alice: but those statues dared me!
Zeus: Curse those statues! *throws lightning bolts at them*
Zeus: *laughs* Now that's what I called funny! XD
Zeus: Here give me the apple and I will give you a paper in a bottle.
Poseidon/fs: *gives Zeus apple*
Zeus: *gives Poseidon a note in a  bottle*
Gp: what is it?
Zeus: um...a...a treasure hunt,yeah a treasure hunt! *grins*
Alice: um...ok?
Zeus: *disappears*
lone bones: uhhhh....that was odd...
Athena: look for the olive trees if you need my help. :)
gp: Athena?! Why are you---
Athena: *disappears*
Poseidon/fs: look an olive tree! *runs to tree*
Athena: you're journey begins at the river styx *disappears*
Poseidon/fs: Yep,that's in the underworld.
All: *gulps*
Poseidon/fs: let's use this touchscreen mirror Aphrodite gave me.
All: Ready or not here we come!!! :D